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How to make eCommerce enticing , but familiar and fast at the same time.

The challenge

Mobile eCommerce has a problem, in most of the cases they have more visits and page views than desktop. BUT less sales.


After some research we figure users want to: search, compare, read reviews, browse pictures… as fast as possible.

And once the purchase is decided, been able to verify and pay without any hassle.

The prototype’s UI mimics real perspective and inertia as metaphors bringing familiarity and fun to the customer.

Play with the Live Demo

One TOUCH away from anything

On this example we focus on the moment the moment the customer have done a selection: category or search.

Without leaving the main flow, user could chat for a quick question with customer support. Or simply go straight to checkout.

The brand

An eCommerce platform brand should be lean and eclectic in order to be cohesive and handle the rest of (colourful) brands on top of it.