NTR Monitor

Web application for Movistar, a telecommunication company to monitor the LIVE status of the different parts in its network.

The Challenge

NTR Monitor was created to monitor a vast network of different kinds of equipment (antennas, servers, routers, etc) for a telecommunication company.

The goal was to allow 3 different profiles to organize, customize and navigate this network and easily highlight the critical points.

We design several dashboards to let any user dig from network, to city, to branch to node, with a few clicks or through search.


The Solution

Main features:


With the use of micro-interactions and mouse-gestures, the interfaces allow several functions keeping a clean and simple layout.

Roll-over to discover powerful functions, drag-and-drop to customize the tile-views.


It adapts to several screen-devices. From small desktops to a range of HDTV, the layout will adapt the tiles to fill up the space.

Several boxes expand-collapse to show and hide detailed information but keep the layout tidy.


Consistency and modularity to highlight risk.
Several functions at one click away.
Roll-overs to show contextual functions, micro-interactions.
Prioritization and Customization

The interface adapts and modifies itself to be optimized to the user’ needs.

We layered the information according to the priority of the user, star a node, region or city and add it to your favourite-list.

A flexible layout will adapt to different devices and needs.
Customization of tiles with simple drag-and-drops.
Adaptive modular tiles.

By creating a simple design-language we consistently used colors, filters, selectors and styles across the dashboard, reducing the learning curve to a minimum.