As the lead of UX designer (2014-2015) my role was to create a simple & consistent User Experience for the bank across our multiple platforms.

The teams I led in-house and out-sourced were in charge of :

  • Develop and evolve a design language that breathed the brand & its values.
  • Concept the Information hierarchy from the highest level to the detailed level.
  • Plan a cohesive multi-platform navigation.


Touchscreen ATM

Tablet and Mobile app. UX and GUI System

Tablet App

Friendly and logical ‘flow’ from the user point of view.
For quick tests & prototyping of the main functions.
We deliver documented-wireframes for optimal communication with the IT partners.

Brand application to interfaces.
Multiplatform style guides. Flexible and scalable.
Tablets and smartphones. iOS & Android.

Touchscreen ATMs with minimum amount of steps.
We designed self touch-interfaces that take the user by the hand and reassures him on every steps.
UI-animations accents the logic experience of the flows.
Responsive newsletters.
Advisors’ tablet tools for the branches.